Capstan Shafts


"Dreamilys Throttled Revolts" Tape

Side A
1. Half a Bottle and a Full Moon
2. One World Government (is One Too Many)
3. Your Wasteds are a Talent Here
4. Sap for Clearcut
5. The Better She Looks the Less She Will See
6. Playing Doctrine
7. Gravitational Pollster
8. Quiet Wars
9. Clammy Handed Favors
10. She Makes Amazing Look Stupid
Side B
11. When Gold Brick Twins
12. Mosquito Net Worth
13. Hopeful Grows the Molehill
14. Dreamily Very Later
15. Trickier the Wisdom
16. Skirt Inversions
17. Cool Green Sinkings
18. Consumption Violets
19. Interdiction Hips
20. Box Store Apologist
21. Abandoned Drum Circles
22. ....and a Patriot's Lament

The cassettes are yellow. The album is 22 tracks long. The packaging is all handmade -- sewn, cut, folded, painted, etc. -- and limited to 100 numbered copies. We know $5 might seem steep for a cassette, but $1 from each copy sold will be donated to the Vermont Food Bank! Fall of the West is just breaking even for this release so we can keep the cost down... who wants to pay more than $5 for a cassette?

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*The tapes are not sold out yet, but due to the amount of time and effort needed to produce individual cassettes and their packaging we have ceased production of them temporarily. Check back in a month or so.