The Le Nouns


   The Le Nouns are a rock n’ roll band from sunny Los Angeles, California. But if you’re looking for surfer looks and palm trees, this isn’t your bag. Much like the growing “hippy culture” of San Francisco, The Le Nouns frequently touch on provocative subjects such as the ongoing war, promiscuity, and Soviet inspired anarchy. While such topics would normally be frowned upon, The Le Nouns have gained a surprisingly large following of hipsters, rebels, and junkies.

But what makes this “Rock n’ Roll” sound more appealing to youth culture today than say, jazz or polka? Perhaps it has to do with its rebellious attitude than it’s primitive beats and simple chord progressions.

A label like Fall of the West Records, which caters normally to folk, or “old time” music, wouldn’t seem like the most obvious choice for such a edgy band. However, given the Beatnik culture’s fondness for the music, the genre’s past controversies with communist ties, and the rise of folk-rock, or “anarcho-folk” as it’s sometimes called (acts like The Byrds or Bookends), a band like The Le Nouns presented a perfect opportunity for a modest label like Fall of the West to expand it’s ever growing audience.

The Le Nouns formed when schoolmates Ben Lowrie (fondly referred to as “the Coach” by his admirers) and Michael “Mikey Web” Weber bonded over their love for previously mentioned influences and tropical “ska” music from the Caribbean. Soon, with the help of Mariachi trained guitarist Felipe Garza and marching band enthusiast Jamian Briar, The Le Nouns were an overnight sensation, becoming so popular that they sometimes played under aliases such as “The Tenenbaums” and “Throw-Aways”, the latter eventually being used by Weber for his own solo efforts.

Their debut LP, Filthy Waltzing is sure to be a hit among disc jockeys and young girls alike. Recorded in their own private studio, it offers a sound rivaled by their peers and lauded by their predecessors. Its hi-tech “stereo” sound doesn’t hurt either- it actually sounds like they’re playing right in your living room!

With 15 tracks at such an affordable price, how could you not want a WALTZ as FILTHY as this?


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